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More About Us


Colby Laney and Danielle Bishop were both born and raised in the Blue Ridge mountains, just outside of Asheville. They both grew up surrounded by rich musical communities and both had musical fathers. The two fathers were both in the scene, and Laney's father even bought instruments from Bishops father. Interestingly enough, the musical couple and second generation of Laney and Bishop never even met until the fall of 2022, despite performing with many of the same musicians for the last decade.

Bishop has won overall and age-division titles at Fiddlers Grove, Galax Fiddlers Convention, the Georgia Mountain State Fair to name a few. She was the youngest fiddler to win Fiddler of the Festival at Fiddlers Grove, and has been featured in the The NY Times.

Laney has performed at the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman, and almost the entire lower 48 states before the age of 25. He has written several chart topping songs, and the #1 "Rich Man's Daughter". He was awarded IBMA Emerging Artist of the Year and Song of the Year with the Group Volume Five.


The duo has been performing together as Laney and Bishop since early 2023 and are excited to share their musical adventure. 

They also love and share three labradors, of which at least one is present at most of their shows.

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